Logos of Kubernetes and Streamlit


Dockerfile for containerizing our application
docker build -t parthasarathysubburaj/k8s-object-detection:v1 .
docker push parthasarathysubburaj/k8s-object-detection:v1

Persistent Volumes

YAML file for PVC creation
kubectl create -f pvc.yaml
YAML file for Pod creation with a PVC
kubectl create -f pod-pvc.yaml
kubectl exec -it pod/ubuntu-base -n partha -- mkdir -p /workspace/model-weights/ssd
kubectl exec -it pod/ubuntu-base -n partha -- mkdir -p /workspace/model-weights/yolo
kubectl cp <path to SSD weights> ubuntu-base:/workspace/model-weights/ssd -c ubuntu-base-container -n parthakubectl cp <path to YOLO weights> ubuntu-base:/workspace/model-weights/yolo -c ubuntu-base-container -n partha
kubectl delete pod/ubuntu-base -n partha

Configuration Maps

YAML file for ConfigMap creation
kubectl create -f configmap.yaml


YAML file for Deployment Creation
kubectl create -f deployment.yaml


To break the monotony and give you a change, let’s try to learn what Service objects are from a video lecture 😃

YAML file for Service creation



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Parthasarathy Subburaj

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